Tuesday, April 17, 2012

in case anyone was wondering, the sea monkeys didn't make it.  no, i didn't flush them down the toilet.  they didn't even give me the chance!  they started out alright, but tiny.  their numbers grew, then just as suddenly, dwindled.  fewer and fewer were spotted.  mysteriously, one was much larger than all the others.  eventually it was just him.  and then he died.  he probably deserved it.  i can't prove it, but i'm pretty sure he ate his friends.  so that was the end of that.  next time (?) - i was going to say something i could change, but i don't know what that would be. haha.  unless i get a wild hare, that was probably it for the sea monkey kingdom i had so grandiously envisioned.  and what did i learn?  sea monkeys are stupid.  stupid monkeys.

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