Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mea culpa

i am failing the sea monkeys.  they cry out to be reanimated and i deny them.  i am a bad overlady.  i started to ready their home and then other things got in the way.  actual life person things.  i was busy!  (how often does that happen?)  first up was the halloween potluck for lunch at work.  i had to go out to the store and buy rolls and everything!  at the end of the week, i baked up a trio of items for a charity bake sale at work - that was two nights of rollicking fun.  or some such.  (also, the anniversary of Lucy made me a little depressed on saturday, so i didn't feel like doing much.)  then on sunday, i burned my hand making some chicken in the oven.  that necessitated a trip to the urgent care.  (it did!)  so i was slightly handicapped last week.  and the time change made me all cranky and S.A.D. (for which, i really should get a S.A.D. light.)  then at the end of that week, my dad was in d.c. for a meeting and sprung a visit on me (which was awesome sauce).  and then on saturday i fell and had to spend the rest of the day on the couch (i.e., tripped over a tree root hidden by leaves and got laughed at, LAUGHED AT, by mark (for which i am not surprised as i am perpetually clumsy and amusing), and then later was tired and lazy and too into watching The Vampire Diaries to be of any use to monkeys). 

so.  all this is just points to if social services cared as much about monkeys as they do about children, they would be taking my packets away from me right now.  or, is it ok because they aren't actually kinetic at the moment?  anyway, the whole point is that they are not children, thereby the responsibilites are pretty much nil until even nil is too arduous and i flush them down the toilet.  right? 

totally cool terrarium

i did go to petsmart last last saturday afternoon and perused the little fishy homes.  i realize i have already chosen the candelarium, but i wanted to see what they had.  i am fickle like that.  i also reaffirmed that i do not want a hamster or rodent friend.  the guinea pig they had was albino and had scary eyes.  i wonder if they glow in the dark?  also, they have like, 10 million habitat enhancments for the pet hermit crab.  that's like a step up from monkeys.  so how come they don't have monkey habitat enhancements?  that's specie-est.  i am offended and will be e-mailing you shortly to sign my petition.  (no i won't.)  and oh, check out this awesome terrarium that i would totally have bought for the monkeys except that i am not currently sitting on a pile of gold doubloons, i.e. $35USD that are better served towards monkey habitat enhancement over items such as food and shelter. (and sidebar, wouldn't my bank be suspcious if i went all up in there with doubloons to deposit?  they'd be like, "where'd you get those?" and i'd be all, "from my pile," and they'd be like, "come with me to the jail" and that is not a winnng end to that transaction, my friends.) 

anyhow, i am sorry the monkeys are not up and running.  i promised their arrival and then failed to deliver.  i am like the U.S.P.S.  because sometimes i just don't get any mail at all for several days and does that happen to you?  at least i don't walk in your flower bed to deliver your mail even though you have perfectly good front porch steps and using them would be the proper thing to do.  can you ever?  anyway, to make up for monkeylessness i will reward you for your faithfulness by leaving you with a video of a real monkey, taking at the richmond city zoo (out in bfe powhatan, most decidedly not the city, so i don't know what that's about).  and no, i don't know what kind of monkey this is.  what kind of monkey do you want it to be?

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