Tuesday, October 11, 2011

in the meantime...

the sea-monkeys have gone missing, that is to say, they are currently under a pile of miscellaneous goods and services on one of the arm chairs in the living room.  i am told they are enjoying their quiet time, using their hiatus to reflect on their upcoming metamorphosis.  soon they will blossom, like so many butterfly, living out their days in the wilds of whatever jar i find to put them in. 

this is not one of the possessed statues.
i did look for a jar when i went to burlington coat factory to use my $10 off $10 coupon, but their selection was limited.  unless you were looking for real leather shellacked giraffe statues, because there were herds of them, HERDS i tell you!  (and yes, i did kind of want to buy one to accompany the large metal zebra we have on top of our t.v. breakfront.  and yes, our t.v. lives in a breakfront normally reserved for objects of the dish kind.)  and, sidebar to my digression - what is up with all the african animal figurines lately that have their heads turned toward their back, as if possessed by the devil?  why can't they face forward like all the other animal statues?  this is not a phenomenon specific to burlington, either.  i have seen this trend in several home goods shops this season.  just saying.

so, sea-monkeys.  they are alive (in a powdery statis form) and well, and waiting.  in addition to searching for their home, i have communed with the universe and divined more of their backstory (i.e., made things up while waiting in line at chipotle).  as i mentioned before, they have flown in space.  (it says so on the packaging, so it has to be true, right?)  so technically, they are space-monkeys, yes?  i see their new life with me as a continuation of their peripatetic adventures.  (unless i kill them.  then it will be an end to their peripatetic-ing, but we won't go there.)  they probably will think they have landed on a new planet (where lands are green and skys are blue*) and, as such, their new home will need to accomodate their specific watery needs.  much like astronauts inhabiting a biodome on a foreign planet, the space-monkeys will require their own life-sustaining compound.  i name it, the candelarium.  (thank you to shannon for that delightful title.) 

i will continue the search for the candelarium and return to blog of my triumphs.  stay tuned...

*that was totally a callback to the title of the blog.  it just had to be done.

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